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General Specs

Street Light Poles

ISOLAR have a full set of equipment to produce various kinds of lighting poles, such as round lighting pole, square lighting pole, octagonal lighting pole, T-pole, L-pole and frame style signal lighting pole, traffic lighting pole and etc. even customized styles from our clients. With hot galvanization and other anti-rust techniques, our lighting poles have been widely applied in various countries around the world. 

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MaterialHigh-quality steel Q235/SS400 from BAOSTEEL Group
Pole Height3M~12M
Top Diameter63MM~85MM
Bottom Diameter114MM~200MM
Welding TechniqueAutomatic submerged arc welding
Surface TreatmentHot dip galvanization and powder painting
Welding StandardGB11345 Grade Ⅱ
Thickness of Zinc Coating≥86um
Adhesive Force of Zinc CoatingGB2694-88
Anti-wind Capacity36.9m/s
Anti-corrosion Lifetime≥20 years
Coating LayerAdhesive force                      GB9286-880

Hardness                               ≥2H
Lighting Poles OptionsHigh mast lighting pole, street lighting pole, garden light pole and solar street light pole, etc.

2.lighting pole.jpg


BAOSTEEL Q235 steel, high strength and great resilience

Great anti-corrosion performance

Dual protection treatments: hot galvanization first and then powder painting

Long life time: 25 years long life span

Dismountable arms and foundation kit: Only a screwdriver, requiring no welding

Multiple painting colors available: Default color Gray. Custom available

OEM available


HPS Street Lighting Pole,Street Light Post

LED Street Lighting Pole,Garden Lamp Post

Halogen Street Lighting Pole,Galvanized Steel Post

Induction Street Lighting Pole,Double-arm Street Light Post


Product List

  • Solar Street Light
  • - SOLO
  • - AMBO
  • - TECO
  • - CONCO
  • - LUMO
    • Integrated Solar Light
  • - GOLF
  • - NOVA
    • Solar Garden Light
  • - GOLF
  • - DESO
    • LED Garden Light
  • - DESO
  • - GOLF
    • GEL Battery
  • - GEL Battery
    • Solar Panel
  • - Solar Panels
    • Solar Charge Controller
    • Solar Camping Light
  • - Solar Camping Light
    • Other  Products
  • - Buried Battery Box
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