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Recruitment: We Need You!

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Name of Position: National business representative

Responsibilities of Position:

1.Develop local customers on behalf of the company.

2.Assist colleagues in the head office to follow up customers.

3.Responsible for guiding local customers to install and set up solar street lights. Provide them with help.

4.Responsible for after-service of dealing with customers’ street light.

5.Other work arranged by the company.


1.Have communication skills and customer development capabilities.

2.Master the method of installation, disassembly, troubleshooting and maintenance for the street lamp.

3.Have working experience and technical knowledge in electric power.

4.Adapt to the various working environments for repairing street lamps.

5.Obey the dispatch arrangements of management personnel.

Work Salary:

1.300 US dollars basic plus 100 US dollars allowance for telephone and transportation expenses

2.Self-developed customers can have 3% of the whole sales turnover excluding tax as a commission, if assisting domestic colleagues to follow up the customer until the transaction,

you can have 1.5%  of the whole sales turnover as commission.

3.If the self-developed business reaches 500,000 US dollars, the company invites you to the domestic factory to get training, and all expenses are undertaken by the company.

4.If the self-developed customer has an annual turnover of 1 million US dollars, you can be promoted to the national manager and set up an office.

Working hours : 5 working days per week, 4 hours a day

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