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In order to provide the best solution of solar lighting system for you, what information are you required to provide?
1) Detailed installation locations, we will calculate the configuration based on your local sunshine peak time.
2) Exact working hours of lights every day (such as 5 or 10 hours every day).
3) Rough consecutive rainy days (such as 3 to 4 days) are required to be guaranteed to keep the lights working normally.
4) Height of light poles or width of roads.
5) Brightness of street lights required (such as 30 watt led lamp).

What’s the sunshine peak time?
The sunshine peak time refers to the unit strength of the sunlight reaching the earth every hour. Only strong intensity of the sunlight can be absorbed and converted. That’s to say, it is measured at noon, within 3-4 hours before and after noon(depend on different location). During that time the charging effect of the solar panel is the best.

How to know when the solar street lights are turned on and turned off?
The controller we use is an intelligent waterproof controller, which is composed of light controller and time controller. After it is installed and set up, no man-made operation is needed. The control function in solar lighting system is equal to people’s brain, which is connected with solar panels of absorbing sunlight, storage batteries of storing energy and the lamp of lighting. When it senses the voltage of solar panel dropping down to the certain level, it will  automatically turn on the circuit of lamp. And when the setting working hours of lighting is ended, it will turn off the light automatically. Besides the funchiton of intelligent light control switching-on and switching-off, such intelligent controller has many other functions, such as prevent battery from overcharge or over discharge.

If there are several consecutive rainy days occurring, what shall we do? Can it be working normally?
You don’t need to worry about it. We have taken it into our consideration. You can advise us the specification with the consecutive rainy days which needs to be guaranteed. If you don’t have the clear need for that, we will recommend to you the local regular consecutive rainy days.

How to Choose the System Voltage?12V or 24V or for normal street Light ?
We can design the System for 12v or 24v for solar street Light or 220-380V for regular street light.

What’s the main difference between mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar panel?
production process and cost. For the time being, the conversion efficiency of mono-crystalline is a little higher than poly-crystalline’s. But the price of mono-crystalline is higher than poly-crystalline’s.

If The controller of your solar street light has different time control function?
Yes, For saving energy, our solar charge controller is designed with the function of one time zone, two time zone or three time zone. For example, two time zone means dividing the lighting hours into two parts, like 12 hours (6 hours full power lighting + 6 hours half power lighting).

How to maintain the solar system?
It doesn’t need to be maintained too much. It is very convenient to use. Only if the surface of solar panel should be cleaned every 3-5 months, if the local place has too much dust. Therefore it can keep high efficiency.


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