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Sharm Elsheikh,Egypt
Place: Sharm Elsheikh,Saini,Egypt
Date:March 2015
Number of sets: 300 sets
250 Sets 50 Sets
8 Meter Pole with single arm 8 Meters pole with double arms
100W LED lamp 100W LED lamp * 2 pcs
100AH GEL batteries * 2 pcs 100AH GEL batteries * 4 pcs
150W poly solar panels * 2 pcs 150W poly solar panels * 4 pcs
Hanging battery box * 2pcs Hanging battery box * 2pcs
Project’s Early Process:

Earlier before the end of 2014 SOKOYO received the inquiry, we studied the road details with regards to its width and length in addition to the installation site coordinates, based on these information we made our full offer to the client providing him with Dialux, Light distribution pattern, pole height, spacing distance between poles, solar panels tilting angle and all the other technical specifications for all the other technical specifications for all the components such as suggested LED lamp power, solar panel size & batteries capacity.

Production Lead Time:

Normally for such a quantity it takes around 21days to finish production, but since this was an urgent project and it was requested to finish installation before an important event take palce in the city of Sharm Elsheikh, so we took the responsibility to help our client to achieve his

Logistics and Shipping Documentation

Besides providing our client with very reliable and reasonable logistics service, we also fulfilled legalizing all the shipping documents from the Egyptian embassy according to the strict customers' requirements in the destination port.

Technical & Installation Support:

During the client's visit to our factory while producing the order, a training session was given to them to learn all the technical details and installation skills and tools, we also provided them with printed manuals and installation videos to make sure that everything is going smoothly on their side.

Customer Feedback:

Follwing is the client's message to us after we achieved the project targets together "Thanks for your powerful support since day1, we came into a strong position in our market, if it wasn't for your help, we couldn't be able to reach to this point alone, we will definitely keep cooperating with SOKOYO and we expect more success in the near future".


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